I’ll Tell it Nothing – Jack Den

 I feel not bound by the moon

But rather by hips and curves

And this walk is hard to fathom

That dreams can feel forever lost

In the intrinsic infinities of the mind

While horrors are brought

As if by the ever handsome Apollo

To our worn and calloused feet

Though there are moments then that the dreams enact their great escape

As if they’ve been laying dormant for countless millennia

Biding their time so that now

Twisting their way through the wrought iron beams of the heart

They might remind us of their evasive bodies

While also making poignant note of their reality

This quickening pulse and a slight tremor of the earth.

What then can the moon know

Of my blood and of its pursuits?

I’ll tell it nothing.

Night after night,

I’ll tell it nothing!

But in the impending dark my lips will loosen

Only for an ethereal thought of what the other at my side might be.

Like me surely.

Like me surely.


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