The Prize – Jono Caine


A truly diverse and majestic planet. Primed for life, the planet is covered in all forms of both land and water based inhabitants. Although resources to sustain life are in abundance, this kaleidoscopic mass of life does not necessarily live in harmony. There is one species on Earth that has had more of an effect on the planet’s resilient ecosystems than all the others combined.

Homo sapiens.

Homo sapiens can alter almost any location on Earth to suit their needs. Moving mountains, felling forests, wiping out entire species if they please. An unquestionably dominant species as a whole, yet on an individual level Homo sapiens are far less impressive. Physically, Homo sapiens leave much to be desired. They are weak, slow, prone to the elements, and they seem unable to survive successfully in isolation.

It is the mind of the Homo sapien that raises it far above its fellow Earth dwellers…

Jake: “Shit dick Simon! That was so fucking close.” The adolescent male.A much studied but little understood demographic. These three young males are at their place of collective learning. They have, rightly or wrongly, decided that they do not need to attend their current meeting. They instead find themselves hiding from the adult Homo sapiens and their fellow adolescents in a secluded, derelict location nearby.

Dom: “My turn! Watch this dick-bags.”

Jake: “Hahaha! That was terrible!”

Simon: “Holy fuck balls Dom. You spend way too much time jerking off.” Amazing.While in hiding the adolescents are bonding through a shared love of physical skills based, but ultimately pointless, games. It must be noted that the inhalation of the smoke of the nicotiana tabacum plant is also vital to the social gatherings of our three subjects. These bonding rituals seem to be extremely important to the development of Homo sapiens. They occupy much of the young males time, to such an extent that they have a seemingly endless selection of similar games to play.

Our three young friends are currently attempting to throw a small yellow sphere into a distant cylindrical shaped storage device. The distance of the throw is not impressive but the dexterity and skill needed to throw the sphere into the storage device is. Not many creatures on Earth could do the same. So far, after several attempts, none of our three friends have succeeded.

Jake: “Watch this. I’m gonna fucking bounce the ball off the wall and get it in the paint tin.”

Dom: “Bull shit Jake! I’ll straight up suck your dick if you get it in.”

Jake: “Deal. And I get to take your mom out for dinner.”

An incredibly bold pronouncement by ‘Jake’, his confidence is highly admirable since none of the three have so much as touched the target yet, let alone gotten the sphere inside the storage device. Yet he craves what scholars have coined as ‘The Prize’. Above all else Jake desires the admiration and respect of his fellow male adolescents.

The juvenile referred to as Dom’s announcement is far harder to understand. He seems to have little to gain in such a scenario, but like Jake’s initial pronouncement, it too is a bold statement.

Jake turns his back on the storage device, now facing the wall. He turns his head to make eye contact with Dom, Jake’s gaze is steady he does not blink. A quite calm fills the air. His eyes fixed to Dom’s, he throws. Remarkably and inexplicably time slows for the three young Homo sapiens as the ball is deformed against the wall and slowly bounces out in the direction of the storage device. Jake breaks eye contact to turn and see the ball sail through the air and land perfectly in the storage device.


Simon: “Shhiiiiiiit!!”

Dom: “Hahaha! Fuck off!” Now, Jake is worthy of ‘The Prize’.Time returns to normal. All three young friends are ecstatic. Their celebration is loud and joyous; they confirm each other’s unfathomable delight through a series of intimate interactions that are almost exclusively performed by adolescent male Homo sapiens. They first shout in disbelief. They then proceed to jubilantly slap each other’s hands together, hit fists together, hug while whispering words congratulations, they even jump chest first through the air at each other. An amazing display. Luckily for the gamma that is Dom his offer has been unanimously forgotten in the hysteria.

It has been a good day for Jake.


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