The White Giant and the Bell – Jono Caine

Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! The White Giant’s paw is coming! I wonder what I did wrong. Oh no! I was really enjoying playing with Shelly and Steve. I like playing with them in our square den. Uh oh. Here it comes!

Wow! Shelly is quick, the Giant’s paw almost got her. Really good dodging by her. Oh no! It’s coming for me! Darn! I’m in the corner of the den. Silly. Oh I know. Jump! Oh crumbs… It got me.

Wriggling never seems to help. But I really don’t want to leave the square den. White Giants are so strange. I really really don’t want to play today. Maybe I should bite the White Giant’s paw? No no no no no NO! We must NOT bite the White Giant! Maybe I’ll try wriggle again.

Oh wooow. I know this place. They gave us treats last time I was here. So much space here, much bigger than the square den. I wonder where Shelly and Steve are. Hey! Where is the White Giant going? Wait! Do I get treats?

Hey! That over there is new! What is it? Very big round thingy. Oh it moves…. Let’s climb in. This is weird, really quite weird. The big round thing moves when I move. I’m going to get to the top! I’ll be upside down!

Ohhhhhh I see. I can run run run as fast as I want and I stay here in the round thing. This really is very fun! I bet Shelly and Steve would like this. They also love running. I wonder where they are. I think I’m lost.DING

Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! That sound! I know that sound! But quickly, we can’t be slow. Yep, there the White Giants. Two of them. Yes this is right, through this entrance. Then this way. No wait! The other way. Yes this is right. Down this path. Then…. Umm. Oh yes! Up up up this thingy, climb climb climb.

Now this part I’m not sure about. I’ve never seen this before. Oh! There it is! Silly silly. The blue thingy for the treats! I just have to push it aaaand… Nothing. That’s not nice, why are there no treats? Oh, what’s that? A light. It’s bright. Nice colour. Oh Oh Oh! I see! I see! Now I push the blue thingy for treats.

Owww! Oww! Ow! I really really really didn’t like that! Really not nice. Where are Shelly and Steve? I just want to play with Shelly and Steve. I don’t like this game. I don’t like that light. This isn’t any fun at all! I want to go to home to the square den. This is really not nice.

Oh a new light. It’s different this time. Now maybe I can get a treat. I really want a treat. But that really hurt last time. Really really hurt. I’m very hungry though. The bad light is gone.. . I’m going to push it again. No. Don’t want to. Yes let’s do it, I’m sure I will do it right this time.Hey! Two treats from the strange White Giant! This is quite nice. We still don’t like that other light though. There go the White Giants. Just leaving us in here. I want to go to the square den! Oh well. I wonder were Shelly and Steve are. Oh! I feel like running!


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